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Superior Disability Care - the leading provider of disability support.

Welcome to Superior Disability Care!

Superior Disability Care is a family run business co-founded by sisters, Jade Pegrum and Ashley Green. Both ladies have several years experience in the disability industry, with a passion to provide high quality support to those that need it most. Having personal experience with their father, who has a disability, both Jade and Ashley understand the importance of ensuring that loved ones are in the best of hands, receiving support from people that genuinely care.

We offer a range of quality support to people with all types of disabilities. Whether you want to access the community, require personal care assistance, domestic support or need in-home support day or night, we have a team of excellent staff waiting to assist you. 


Our person centred approach means that we focus on the wants and needs of our participants including matching our participants with their ideal support worker. We understand that quality relationships with participants and their support workers makes a significant difference in successful outcomes and goal achievements for our participants.

Our Core Values



We believe that all people in our community have the right to be treated equally. As a core value in our organisation we place a high importance on ensuring that all our personel believe in and practice this value.


The definition of respect "regards for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others". SDC values the importance of treating all our partcipants with dignity and respect, ensuring their opinions and decisions are heard.


We highly value honesty in all facets of our company.  Our relationships with our participants, families, stakeholders, employees and the NDIA are all built on this value.


SDC is commited to protecting your right to privacy and confidentiality by safeguarding your personal information wihtin our organisation.  It is our top priority to ensure that our internal systems are appropriate to keep your information secure within your support networking teams.


We value the participant be able to choose how they want their support to look.  Throughout the participants journey with us, we work to ensure that all aspects of their support and planning are person-centred and individualised for them.  Participants are included in every aspect of their planning process and are empowered to voice their opinions.

Person Centred
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